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Buffalo Turf Varieties

Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo is an ideal and hardy low-maintenance grass that needs minimal watering and appears even greener and lusher in winter due to its deep root system. Sapphire is recommended for low-wear areas with up to 70% shade and for moderate to high-wear areas with up to 50% shade. Regarding Buffalo turf varieties, Sapphire is distinguished by its fine texture, making it an attractive lawn variant.

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Palmetto Soft Leaf

Palmetto Soft Leaf is a Buffalo turf variety with universal appeal in Australia due to its low maintenance and self-repairing qualities. It is perfect for shady conditions as it only requires two to four hours of direct sunlight a day to continue flourishing, unlike other grasses. What is more, it withstands the full sun and is unaffected by drought.


Sir Walter Buffalo

Of all the Buffalo turf varieties, Sir Walter is best suited to the harsh Australian environment. This soft-leaf grass withstands full sun, shade, extreme heat, frost and drought. Sir Walter has undoubtedly proven itself as a hardy local variant. It even reduces grass-related allergic reactions.

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