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Turf Suppliers Sunshine Coast

We Are Reputable Turf Suppliers Near the Sunshine Coast

Whether you manage a commercial property or you're a homeowner, you can't underestimate the value that a bright green lawn brings to the table. Apart from boosting the property's aesthetic appeal, it provides a space for children and pets to enjoy themselves freely. However, the Australian climate doesn't allow you to have an eye-catching lawn all year round, highlighting the need for reputable turf suppliers near the Sunshine Coast. AOK Turf supplies, delivers and installs a variety of turf, including blue couch turf on the Sunshine Coast.

Tips For You to Buy Turf Near the Sunshine Coast

If you're looking to spruce up your garden with grass-based landscaping, acquiring and installing buffalo grass near the Sunshine Coast is one of the quickest and easiest methods to achieve this. However, it's worth noting that not all types of turf are equal, which is why you must obtain grass that is suitable for your area. Following these tips will ensure you head in the right direction for your turf.

  • The condition of the soil in your garden is critical as it must be the ideal pH level. You can use a soil pH testing kit to identify the pH level of your soil. The majority of turf doesn't blend well with acidic soil, which is why you may need to add lime if you want the grass to thrive. Typically, when you're installing a lawn, the pH level of the soil should be around 6.0 to 7.0. If reducing the acidity isn't an option, select turf that will enjoy those conditions, such as Bermuda, Bahia, centipede, and carpet grass.

  • When you're trying to grow a lawn, shade tolerance is a factor that you must consider. Naturally, grass requires ample sunlight to grow effectively, so if you install it in an area with more shade than sunshine, the grass can experience shock and eventually dry out. The best shade tolerant grasses are zoysia thrive in areas with little sunlight.

  • You must give considerable thought to the use of your lawn. If you're the type of person that hosts guests regularly and you have children and pets who love rolling around in the grass, you must opt for a hard-wearing turf such as zoysia. These types of turf can handle frequent traffic and still deliver bright colours through drought periods in the year.

  • Maintenance is another factor that you must consider when installing turf on your property. Ask yourself if you have the time and resources to ensure your grass appears in top condition throughout the year. Initially, you'd only have to water your turf, but as time goes on, you'd have to mow the grass, while some may require fertilisation and aeration. High-maintenance turf may be ideal, but it will require considerable effort on your part. Bluegrass are examples of turf that need more attention than others. If maintenance is an issue for you, ask the turf layers on the Sunshine Coast to instead use zoysia grass.

  • Even though you may not know enough about grass, you can still conduct quality assurance to ensure you're receiving an excellent product. The blades of grass should be bright in colour and around 5cm in length. Carefully inspect the grass for yellow or brown spots, as these are an indication that they won't take root. The soil you're planting your new turf in should be at least 2.5cm deep to support the growth of new grassroots. Touch the ground to ensure that it's moist enough to house the new turf.


What You Should Know About Sir Walter Turf on the Sunshine Coast

This type of turf is excellent all year round, delivering a striking appearance with minimal consumption of your time. For Australians, this lawn has proven to be the best performing, considering the harsh climate. Since its introduction in 1997, over 50 million metres of Sir Walter turf has ended up in approximately 450 000 Aussie gardens. It's undoubtedly the number one turf in the country, and these are the reasons why:


  • It's highly tolerant of shade, making it ideal as a landscape feature for all types of properties. You can use it in various areas, saving you money on other materials. It’s highly resilient against drought, unlike other options, which may require replacing often.

  • This grass appears rich in colour in the sun and shade with a fraction of the water. If you desire a lawn with minimal maintenance, this is ideal for you, and you won't have to bother fertilising or mowing the turf often. Furthermore, its lush cover prevents the growth of unsightly weeds.

  • Sir Walter grass rarely suffers from fungal attacks, which eliminate the need for fungicides. Additionally, this lawn is tough against insects and pests, negating the use of pesticides. Once you've installed this grass, you can depend on it for years to come.

Questions to Ask Sunshine Coast Turf Suppliers

When you're ready to install empire zoysia turf on the Sunshine Coast, you need to select a company with a reputation for supplying quality turf. However, with the number of suppliers available, it can be challenging to identify the ideal provider of turf installation services near the Sunshine Coast. Perhaps, asking these questions can help guide you to collaborate with a professional turf supplier.


  • What turf is best for my lawn? You want to ensure that the couch turf near the Sunshine Coast is suitable for the exterior conditions. A turf supplier can guide you in this regard and inform you of what grass is best for your specific conditions.

  • Can you cut my turf to order? It's advisable to install turf when it's fresh. When you have it cut to order, you can be confident of the roots' ability to develop and thrive. Bear in mind that a pre-cut lawn could be lacking nutrients for an extended period, resulting in it dying soon after installation.

  • Would you install my lawn? While you may be capable of installing your new turf, it's better to allow the professionals to handle the process. The best turf suppliers will install it themselves to ensure that everything is in place for the turf to thrive.

Why Trust AOK Turf Regarding Wintergreen Couch Near the Sunshine Coast

We have been supplying, delivering, and installing quality turf for our customers for nearly a decade, which has helped us build a reputation for being the leading turf company in the area. Our goal is to make our clients' vision a reality, whether at a residential or commercial property.


You can have picture-perfect turf today by contacting us to discuss the finer details of your property.

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