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Turf Varieties

Empire Zoysia

Empire Zoysia Turf is a very soft easy to manage lawn that has a strong wear tolerance and has an amazing drought tolerance. Empire Zoysia is well suited to both open and moderately shaded environments and is a very easy lawn to maintain making it a very versatile lawn that can be grown all around Australia.

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Sapphire Buffalo 

Sapphire Buffalo grass has a number of benefits like other soft leaf buffalo grasses including low water required, greener in winter deep roots and is hard wearing. Not only this but sapphire grows well in all climates and shade conditions. One of the best characteristics of sapphire turf is that it has a fine texture unlike other soft buffalo. Sapphire is recommended for up to 70% shade in areas with low wear and up to 50% shade in areas with moderate to high wear.


Palmetto Buffalo

Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is one of the best low maintenance good looking grass on the market, making it the most popular turf in the world. Like other soft leaf buffalo, Palmetto has a great shade tolerance while it only needs 2 to 4 hours of direct sunlight daily, Palmetto performs well in full sun, yet thrives in shaded areas where other grasses fail. Among all of this palmetto is drought resistant and is good at self-repairing. 


Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is considered as the best all-round lawn currently on the market, this is due it thrives in full sunlight and some shade. Wintergreen Couch is a good self-repairing turf and is great for hardy wearing areas. Wintergreen Couch is mid to light green and is soft to the touch. Wintergreen Couch is excellent for cold and frost tolerance, making it ideal for a wide range of conditions and tolerates a wide range of soils and readily adapts to different environments. Our Wintergreen Couch is an A Grade Turf Quality.


Sir Walter Buffalo

Sir Walter has stood the test of time, being a native Australian turf, it was built to take whatever weather conditions that Australia could through at it. Due to this Sir Walter can survive in full sun, in shade, in extreme heat, in frost and in drought. Sir Walter is also kid friendly as if is a soft leaf grass and low-allergenic.

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