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AOK Turf is a Quality Turf Supplier, providing customers with a higher quality of service. Founded in 2013, the company is located in the Brisbane Region of Queensland. We offer extensive services with Supplies, Deliveries and Installations. Our priority is customer satisfaction and assisting businesses and individuals by making their dream/s become a reality. We not only work with high profile businesses but also, perform work for private residential's as well. To learn more about AOK Turf and what we have to offer, contact us via Facebook, Email or Telephone (Text or Call). We’re happy to assist with enquiries regarding our products and services.   

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Tips for Growing a New Lawn From Trusted Brisbane Turf Suppliers

A well-maintained lawn can be functional and ornamental - adding greenery to your outdoor areas and a soft place to sit during the summer months. Green grass can improve the curb appeal of your home or commercial property, framing the entrance to the building and appearing neat and well-presented. AOK Turf in Brisbane are turf suppliers and layers, and we provide premium turf in a range of varieties to suit your needs. We deliver and install new turf for an instantly lush lawn.

If you want to grow new grass in your garden, you can lay natural turf over the soil. Turf refers to the grass and the thin layer of topsoil underneath it held together by its roots, and it usually comes in rolls for easy transportation and installation. As Brisbane turf layers, we explain the benefits of using turf to grow a new lawn:

Why Laying Turf is the Best Way to Grow a New Lawn

  • Premium quality grass. Buying rolls of natural turf ensures the grass you purchase is of premium quality and grown to high standards. Professional growers cultivate and harvest turf on grass farms. The farmers use agricultural equipment and methods to create the ideal environmental conditions for grass to thrive in. The soil your turf comes from is kept free of stones and weeds and regularly inspected for quality.

  • Creates an even lawn. Turf layers can easily install turf in small or irregular spaces with neat results. The flat strips of grass tile seamlessly across the soil, and every roll of turf is carefully cultivated for an even thickness and colour. Choosing to lay grass as turf often yields better results than growing it from seeds. Seeds don’t germinate consistently across an area and may cause uneven growth with irregular edges.

  • Time-saving. Laying grass turf transforms an open patch of soil into a green lawn instantly. The installation usually takes a few hours, and your lawn is ready to use within a few weeks. Choosing turf is a much faster method of growing a lawn than sowing grass seeds, which typically take months to grow to maturity. Turf layers can also save you time by preparing the soil before installation to ensure the ground is ready for your new lawn.

  • Low-maintenance. Grass seeds are vulnerable to environmental threats during their germination period - you must protect them from birds and pests, and they require frequent watering and weeding. Laying turf is a much lower maintenance method of growing grass by comparison. Weeds are unlikely to affect turf lawns as they are grown in controlled conditions and installed on well-prepared soil.

  • You can lay turf all year round. Laying turf in Brisbane is a year-round activity, and your turf lawn will grow even if you plant it during the colder months. The grass has reached maturity and can handle bouts of cold weather or drought more successfully than grass seedlings. Choosing turf is ideal for making garden improvements during winter when the space is less functional.


How to Choose a Turf Variety

We supply many different types of grasses that thrive in varying environmental conditions. Choosing your turf variety carefully is the first step towards a successful lawn installation. Here are five typical environments and our suggestions to help you choose which grass is best for you before you buy turf from our Brisbane suppliers.

  • Hot and sunny climate. For sunny areas, we suggest Blue Couch turf. Brisbane gets a lot of sunshine, and this grass variety thrives in direct sunlight. Blue Couch is an Australian grass that gets its name from the blue-green colour of the leaves. This drought-resistant grass requires minimal watering and feels soft to the touch. It makes for a comfortable and lush summer lawn.

  • Shaded areas. North America brought Buffalo turf to Brisbane - the large, thick leaves give this grass a very soft texture. The most popular Buffalo grasses are the Palmetto and Sapphire varieties, both offering a spongy feel and rich colour that sustains through winter. Buffalo grasses are the best choice for shady areas as they can survive with as little as two hours of sunlight a day.

  • Hard-wearing grass. The popular Wintergreen Couch is a Brisbane favourite for its durability and versatility. Wintergreen Couch offers excellent frost and drought resistance, and it is suited to a vast range of environments and unpredictable weather patterns. This grass variety grows very fast and will regenerate well in high-traffic areas where surface damage occurs.

  • Child-friendly lawn. If you are laying a new lawn outside your family home, your first priority may be how it feels under your child’s feet. We recommend Sir Walter Buffalo for Brisbane families with young children. The grass is a soft, bouncy, and low-allergenic variety, making it a comfortable outdoor play surface for the whole family. Sir Walter is a very hard-wearing grass that can survive under constant damage from children playing and running across the lawn.

  • Low-maintenance. The Empire Zoysia turf from our Brisbane suppliers is an ideal variety for low-maintenance lawns. The versatile grass is suited for shady and sunny conditions, with good durability and drought resistance. You will likely not need to cut the slow-growing leaves of Empire Zoysia grass during winter at all. This variety is a popular choice for lawns across Australia.


Care Tips For Your New Lawn

New lawns require some extra maintenance during the first few weeks after installation. No matter which variety you choose, there are a few routine care practices to follow for Empire Zoysia, Buffalo, and Couch Turf. Our Brisbane grass suppliers provide tips on how to care for your new turf below.

  • Preparation. A well-prepared site is crucial to successful turf installations that make for smooth and lush lawns. Make sure the site for your new grass is as flat and smooth as possible, removing any existing vegetation and debris from the area. We suggest spraying a weed killer over the soil before planting new grass.

  • Watering. Make sure you keep your new lawn adequately hydrated within the first few weeks after installation. Water the new turf for 15 to 30 minutes immediately after installation to stop it from drying out. We recommend watering your new grass for ten minutes every day for the first two weeks. In hot weather, you may need to water it more frequently.

  • Mowing. Only mow your new lawn once the grass has rooted firmly in the soil. You can lift a corner of the turf to test - if you can raise a large portion of turf, wait a few more weeks before mowing. Do not cut the new grass too short within the first three to four weeks of growth. The leaves absorb sunlight, helping the plant grow and root in the soil, and you should allow them to grow longer until the lawn is established.

  • Rooting period. Your new lawn may take two to three weeks to root firmly in the soil and adjust to its environment. We advise you not to walk over the lawn during the rooting period to minimise damage and encourage even growth. Your new grass is vulnerable when it is wet, and you should be especially careful not to walk on it during watering.

  • Pest control. Our experienced turf layers in Brisbane recommend regular pest control for new and established lawns. Preventing damage to young grass is easier than replacing dead lawn once a pest infestation arises. We recommend checking your grass for signs of beetles, worms, and grubs regularly. Spray the site with pesticides before you lay your new lawn to create an optimal environment for growth.

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Choose AOK Turf As Your Trusted Turf Suppliers in Brisbane

AOK Turf offers professional turf installation services in Brisbane for all types of outdoor spaces. We supply, deliver, and install your new turf in-house to ensure high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service throughout the process. We are passionate about helping you beautify your space with A-grade quality grass, and our friendly team will gladly assist with any questions about our products. Contact us for more information about how we can help install your new lawn.

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